Monday, January 25, 2010

Ode to our Freedom Fighters!!

I wanted to dedicated a poem to our Freedom fighters who put their heart and soul to help us breath free from the Western oppression!! Hope you like it!!Here it goes...

Freedom Freedom our souls cried!!
Far and wide the word spread its vibes!!
This thirst that never dried!!
Spread the fragrance of freedom with pride!! The pride to break free from repression!!
Those souls shall be blessed who were realised and with pride!!
Pride to conquer the bondage!! That became a disease with age!!
Fighting for ages and realised that there was no greater pride than to break free!!
Break free from the shackles of the western mind!!
Praise them who showed the World that the mind is stronger than the arms!!
Arms that embrace and minds that are tuned!! Tuned to the notes of Freedom!!
And shame the world to break free from the Bondage!! The Bondage that pollutes the mind!!
Pay obeisance to them who were cleaners who swept the world of its feet!!
To make it stand up with pride against the blown up “Greed”!!
Greed that taught a lesson to bow!! Bow to the minds of men who took pride in breathing Free!!


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