Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Proving my points right!!

Proving my points right to a friend who criticized my previous article!!
Point 1 argued: A/Cs do not emit CO2 so they are safe...
My answer - Chlorofluorocarbons find application as coolants in refrigerators and air conditioners. These are released during manufacture of aluminum; hydro fluorocarbons are released during the production of foam and other manufacturing processes. They remain in the atmosphere for a long time and trap heat. Moreover they are slowly damaging the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation

Point 2 argued - Too many vehicles on the road with A.C. that add to the misery. This is not due to Electricity
My answer -Car engines require spark to start combustion which comes from battery. Try starting your car / bike without battery

Point 3 argued - Too much entertainment for the senses leading to eye & hearing problems.This has to do with sloth and not electricity.
My answer - If no electricity then no T.V & no radio or music system. Isn't it true that many people are getting affected nowadays because of this??

Point 4 argued - Obesity due to automation of everything around us!! Another vice called Gluttony. Depends on individual responsibility.
My answer- Just see what happens if automation stops for an year and how healthy people become. Individual responsibility arises due to the fact that there is automation in the first place in this context

Point 5 argued - Too much exposure to radiation from cell phones causing brain damage.True. But as technology evolves, so will the cell phones. How many people get brain cancer from cell phones that you have read or heard of?
My answer - So are you waiting for people to die and then change your habit??there is no disputing the fact that cell phone usage has increased over the years and for many young people it's become a obsession.

Point 6 argued - Fat ass is a strong word. One has to work to pay off the loan.
My answer - work sitting all day long in front of the computer??wat an idea sirji!!

Point 7 argued - Too much pornography on the net which provides easy way to harass children. It's just a vice....
My answer - Dude wake up to reality!!God save you from cyber crime....It's increasing by the day!!

Point 8 agreed upon

Point 9 argued - I would prefer a Robot to clean by bathroom than a human.
My answer - I am talking about Industrialisation and not your bathroom.....You have a very good view :-)

Point 10 argued - Aircrafts and airliners that have polluted the ionosphere in the name of quick access!!And it's because of fossil fuels and not electricity...
My answer - Without electricity can your engine start?? can your radar work??wat nonsense!!

Point 11 argued - Ships & boats have increased competition and suicides. What??
My answer - Of course nowadays you have a motor boat and ships that need radar that can be operated only with electricity. And the food items bought would rot without maintaining the temparature with the help of refrigerating systems....

Point 12 argued - Development of weapons of mass destruction that is a threat to the whole world.What does this have to do with electricity?
My answer - Wihtout a propellant and without computer aided design can you build a missile or a nuclear missile?? wat a stupid question!!

Point 13 argued - Easier spread of viruses around the world like swine flu, SARS etc....No virus spreads have been reduced due to advances in medicine due to electricity...
My answer - If you kept your environment clean and body & mind active the diseases won't occur at all...Moreover a Mexican gets swine flu but a young Indian dies just because of people transporting the virus through aircrafts!!Open ur eyes will you??

Point 14 argued - GM foods are caused due to humans and not electricity.
My answer - Ok if humans did not have electricity can they make GM foods??think!!

Point 15 & 16 - no comments but final conclusion being human weakness is the cause. I am saying the weakness is caused due to application of automation in our lives.....