Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008-Rewind and 2009-Fast Forward

Hi Guys,

It's been long since I posted a blog and frankly speaking I did not have anything to share with you guys since my last attempt. To start with when I look back at 2008 lots of things creep into my mind...

Well firstly I don't want to repeat all the sensational news that the News channels carry for getting the TRP ratings. Life shows to us as we look at it. Now, let us look at what had happened:

  1. India-US nuclear deal inked amidst so many protests. Ironically, the nuclear man of India thought otherwise but was asked to keep his mouth shut :-)
  2. India decides to go ahead with Iran-Pakistan-India Gas pipeline ignoring US pressure. US must be having nightmares about the growth of India. As always trying to backstab :-(
  3. India and France sign pact for civilian nuclear technology which went out of focus due to the US nuclear deal and the drama!!
  4. Year 2009 to be ‘Year of India’ in Russia. Did you know that?? So, pack your bags and head to Russia for a vacation this year. Statutory Warning: Going for vacation is detrimental to financial well being of IT folks!!
  5. Reliance power raises $ 3 bn within a minute. This becomes India’s biggest IPO. Does not matter now. The Sensex is now perplexed :-(
  6. Michael Jackson – converted to Islam and changed name from Michael to Mikaeel. Did you ever have a clue??Well, not even me :-)
  7. Vishwanathan Anand wins world title after vanquishing Vladmir Kramnik. But he continues to stay in Spain. I think its much more peaceful than the mayhem here eventhough I encourage people to help this country grow sans our Netas!!
  8. Virender Sehwag joins Lara and Bradman to be the only players to score two test triple hundreds
  9. Tendulkar is now world’s highest test-runs scorer.Of course we know this :-)
  10. Reliance Industries (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani with net worth of $20.8 billion, displaces Lakshmi Mittal to become the richest Indian in the world
  11. Aravind Adiga becomes the fourth debut novelist to win the coveted Man Booker Prize for his novel, “The White Tiger”. Remember this was his debut novel!! Have you guys read this book?? If yes, I need to borrow :-)
  12. Chandrayaan 1 successfully launched on 22nd October from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota. What a feat achieved!!
  13. And of course the biggest IT sensational news was Satyam Computer Services chairman facing the brunt of investor rage after he decided to invest all the money in Maytas to support Hyderabad metro!! Well, ironically Satyam received the coveted "Golden Peacock" award for corporate excellence and so all I can say is 'Rumours spread faster than AIDS :-)'

Well, most of the news I shared are the good ones that you might have missed out other than the regular news bytes on Olympics and Obama fever. Of course I have conciously ignored the Mumbai terror attacks that still leaves me bewildered about our politicians...... And yes Tatas would get goosebumps when they look back!!Never in their history they could have suffered so much due to the political inefficiencies and greed!!

And personally I grew wise and determined with my career and life. After all the Hard work I got an "Average" rating and ironically my boss claims that he was oblivious to the fact :-) "Boss Mania continues" to haunt me!!And he continues to promise me to look into revisiting the rating and money :-) I handled few successful consulting assignments getting accolades from the clients and learnt so much about the intricacies of Market Research. And in personal life I have learnt to ignore my haphazard diet sensations and be more careful. Realised the value of time and choosing friends!! Never again I wil do a mistake of accepting a friend before I know what I need to know about them!!

2009 Plans / Wishes

  • To author a fiction novel
  • To buy a new car & house (Hopefully, we stop becoming greedy about selling our plots and houses more than the guideline value)
  • To get married :-) (Well personally it takes guts to say that I might not be a bachelor anymore!! Sorry to break some hearts ;-) Hopefully I create a sensation)
  • To grow in my career and hopefully get some hike and promotion. Heights of optimism being starting a New Business and make profits in this economic scenario :-)
  • To see some Indian politicians die of greed and curse :-)
  • To become less spiritual. Well, not that I claim to be spiritual but atleast stop worrying about reading "God and his creations"

So, guys "Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year" May all or atleast some percentage of the wishes come true :-)