Monday, January 07, 2008

Respect Indian Tradition!!

India is rich in values & culture.We have heard this many times but ever wondered how & why??When the East India company set up trade on the shores of our land they were really awed by looking at our culture. But eventually they ruled us because of some Hypocrites who gave away their mother land & traditions for money, power & women.

"All good things come to an end" and unfortunately most of our traditions and their need were buried deep inside the mud because of Western thoughts and Globalisation. I am not against adopting Wesern culture but against those who behave they were born in a foreign land and their mothers slept with white skins. (Note:I am not against Anglo Indians....)

As a youngster I had many questions creeping in my logical mind as to "Why I have to do what I have to do?" Many a times it was about the chores as a part of tradition that I had to follow on a daily basis which I thought were illogical & without reason. I am sure many of us would have felt the same. I would end up debating with my mom and eventhough she argued that it was a rule I thought may be some day I would discover "What lies beneath"!!Well, today most of my doubts stand cleared (atleast 70%) when my friend gave me a PDF explaining our traditions. I feel its my duty to share my learnings with my readers as I always believe that "No education is complete if it is not applied for the upliftment of self and the society"!! I am sure if not able to uplift you, atleast give you that pinch of salty sensation in your tongue for all the doubts you had raised about our country's tradition. Click here