Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life's Good with Chrome!!

I have become a fan of Google chrome and I think it's on par with IE 8 & Mozilla 3. Main features being:
1) More Browsing space
2) Omni box that acts as both search and address bar
3) Downloads would not invoke any dialogue boxes and can be easily dragged and dropped into any folder/ location from the browser
4) Recently viewed sites are automatically displayed when a new tab/window is opened
5)Incognito mode to avoid storing of browsing history and files in the computer
6) Recognises search engines on retail sites and automatically tips off the user to search for required content
7) Multi process browsing experience. Even when content in a tab is stuck we can continue browsing the other tabs without problem
8)Sandbox technology that is more secure for browsing and much more....
Don't miss the video below...... :-) and click here to download one!!