Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life's Good with Chrome!!

I have become a fan of Google chrome and I think it's on par with IE 8 & Mozilla 3. Main features being:
1) More Browsing space
2) Omni box that acts as both search and address bar
3) Downloads would not invoke any dialogue boxes and can be easily dragged and dropped into any folder/ location from the browser
4) Recently viewed sites are automatically displayed when a new tab/window is opened
5)Incognito mode to avoid storing of browsing history and files in the computer
6) Recognises search engines on retail sites and automatically tips off the user to search for required content
7) Multi process browsing experience. Even when content in a tab is stuck we can continue browsing the other tabs without problem
8)Sandbox technology that is more secure for browsing and much more....
Don't miss the video below...... :-) and click here to download one!!


M said...


Its good and you have thirst for knowledge as well as thirst to share knowledge

and it will give you confidence and soul power .keep it up.

Regarding your Blog on "Tolerance"

In this world everything is interconnected.

Why certain thing happens we know only after sometime.

Action and Reaction, Cause and effect is always there.

Best thing is stick to your values and what you believe is right and be patient .

Guy who succeeds in the long run is always who go according to natural laws and nature wlll take care of its practioners.

Best thing is to think like child ,careful like motherhood and work purposefully
and be careful with earnings .

I think Nobody can beat , deride or demoralise proactive ,hardworkers with sincerity and one who continuously reinventing himself\herself through knowledge acquistion and one who is FEARLESS LIKE CHILD.

Good Luck.


rahu said...

well should agree with you
i was initially apprehensive of chrome afterhaving used safari and the innumerable updates it used to send eating up my ram ,but now with chrome around i get the look of safari and an almost same efficency as IE
btw IE8 is the best if you were to rate browsers in terms of consumption of memory