Sunday, September 09, 2007


I had always felt that monopoly was bad for the economy. So, I realised Nokia was getting onto my nerves and wanted to try different brand next time I buy my mobile.

So, I went and bought a Sony Ericcson W810i as it was the closest competitor to Nokia in the month of February 2007. Some of the best features were:

  1. Excellent sound clarity on earphones. Better than even the Nokia N series that my friend had.

  2. Camera with a decent picture quality of 2.0 mega pixels. Some of the pics that I took in US with the mobile phone can be accessed from the link

  3. Cool external speakers producing fine quality music. Not so noisy and irritating like Nokia N series. I always believe that volume is not everything when it comes to playing music. It has to sound soothing.I am sure many of you would agree with this.

  4. Compact on the hand and when you carry in your mobile pouch.

Well if you thought that these features were very cool and truly they were, I always think that durability is a big factor when it comes to electronic goods. And Sony Ericsson obviously looses out to Nokia.

Suddenly, beginning of this month the phone started acting weird as the screen would hang and none of the functions could be done. Initially I thought that the battery was the problem but then the techies in the Sony Ericsson service center realised that the "motherboard" had to be changed. Luckily I had a 1 year warranty and so it costs nothing. Just 6 months since I bought the phone and already the motherboard is defunct!! Bad experience I would say....

Probably I did not buy it on an auspicious time and date :-) but then there were 30 others on a Saturday complaining about their phones in the service center.(I never had any software problems with the previous Nokia mobile models that I had bought anytime!!)

So, I am not alone and Sony Ericcson probably taught me a management lesson "Jack of all trades but Ace of none!!" and Nokia has proven that specialist always remain dominant in the market and probably monopoly won this time around....

Until next... ciao...