Sunday, January 31, 2010

Branding in a new Avatar!!

I think most of you know that I am heading the Online Marketing & Branding SO @ MSAT . I was wondering about what was the difference between Branding before Digital revolution and branding after that. This is an interesting comparison to make. Let's see the difference in the table below:

Before After
Makers own brands Takers kindle brands
Brand equity depends on financial reach Brand Equity depends on customer reach
Branding is functional Branding is emotional
Brand owners represent Brand personality Customers represent brand personality
Brand is more often about being Splendid Brand is more often about being candid
Avoid negative reviews Convert negative reviews
Trust is incidental Trust is instrumental
Consume creation Co-create consumption
Competition based on geography Competition based on psychography
Adapt to a Brand attitude Create a brand attitude
Following established techniques fuels growth Unlearning already learnt techniques fuels growth
Cost = Reach Fast + Smart = Reach

I hope you liked the blog. Let me know your comments and views. Until next.. cya...

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