Sunday, January 14, 2007

Astrology - Art or Science?

It is really amazing to note how one's horoscope reveals one's past,present and future life.Nine planets control your destiny. Out of the nine "Rahu" & "Kethu" are not really planets.

However, I always had a doubt if Astrology is purely an art or science?Science yes, because the level of vedic mathematics involved. Art because the accuracy of drilling down to 1 possibility out of 100 possibilities for a particular planetary disposition. Astrology is always right. However some astrologers might go wrong in their predictions. The accuracy depends on the astrologer's horoscope and his/ her planetary disposition.

I have met very few astrologers who have 90% & above accuracy. To name a few K.C.Purohit, Kenni, Chockalingam.

K.C.Purohit gives free predictions and does not charge any money. He has been practising the art of prediction for the past 15 years and is one of those silent genious. Many a people have benefited from his advice and is very straight forward in his disclosure to clients. one can reach him through phone 9444042986.

Kenni has been a well renowned astrologer in Sify's panel of astrologers and is a tech savvy guy. He is one of those astrologers who believes that intution plays a vital role in predictions. He always has a point of view in any topic he discusses and has guts to speak up. You can get a glimpse of his work, consultation fees and personality by visiting his blog.

Chockalingam is synonym of 6th sense. Not that others don't have. But his level of intution is far higher. He is an expert plamist, steller and keeps a very low profile. Every politician in power today, has consulted him atleast once. The moment we think of politicians we think of money, power, corruption right?But here is a retired government servant who lives in a 2 bed room house about 650 square feet and drives a TVS Champ. He charges Rs.100/- per family and according to reports donates Rs.50/- for charity.Such is his simplicity that one starts believing in the adage "Looks are deceptive". He stays in Hosur and one can reach him through phone on Wednesday - Friday between 8:00 to 8:15 am. (04344-265797)

Hope you get benefited from this article. As mentioned, you need to run a favorable time to meet the genuine astrologers who can guide you.

Rest in the next. Bye....


civilservices said...
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Janardhan said...


This is Janardhan.

could you guys provide me the contact detials of chockalingam astrologer who stays in bangalore or chennai. I have hear a lot about him and need solutions from his end.

Thank you in advance.

aryan said...


Can anybody provide me chockalingam astrologer who stays in bangalore or chennai.
Chockalingam great palmist

Thanks in advance

shankar said...

can anybody provide me MR.CHOKKALINGAM's (TV 9 kannada intervied him on 22.08.10 in heegu unte programme) Contact details pls i need solution to my problem from his end.

reach me :

99647 02345 (bangalore)

Srikanth said...

Hi please provide the contact details to meet Sir Chikalingam astrologer.


Srikanth said...

Hi please provide contact details about Sir Chockalingam astrologer.
me email address is


LALEET said...

Hi everybody can any provide contact details of Chockalingam sir is he residing @ hosur bangalore or chennai Laleetkumaar or 9482602159 /9482683213

LALEET said...

Hi everybody the chockalingam no. given above is from hosur is he intervied on heegu unte on 22nd aug

shankar said...




BANGALORE - 560 032.
LAND LINE PHONE :080-23342295


LALEET said...


sam said...

IS this the correct address. I was told SRI CHOCKALINGAM stays in Hosur rtie?

$uperM@n said...

Same here I need Mr. Chocklingam's contact details,

Please post his contact his details or mail me @

Vishal said...

can anybody provide me
Contact details of
MR.CHOKKALINGAM's (TV 9 kannada intervied him on 22.08.10 in heegu unte programme)

reach me :

9738475660 (bangalore

LALEET said...

Dear Admin

With reference to above article Chockalingam Sir Hosur no(04344-265797) is not answering can you give me address or any other no so i can contact him and take consultation, Thanks in advance

rajshekar said...
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rajshekar said...

rajshekar said...
Kalachakra Bramalaya

BANGALORE - 560 032.
LAND LINE PHONE :080-23342295

After the programe in TV9 Hegu unte , there is hell lot of people at this above mentiond address for consultation in bangalore .

if u need to meet him , u have to go in person and take an appointment by registering and u r charged 100 rs and consultation extra . u will be given a date and not the time ...

Hope this will help

they are not taking any appointments over the phone no mentioned above.

IF u need consulation please hurry up and register for appointments!

sundu said...
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sundu said...
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I had visited today morning and i got appointment of dated 26-10-2010 now i am waiting the day to come

arghya said...

hello!!!! every one!!
tho am not a huge fan of astrology,palmistry etc etc...i happened to view mr. chockalingam's programme on T.V.9 On 22 nd of aug, that too it was by sheer chance! upon seeing the entire show...i did feel that i should meet this person i was searching fr his adress....thanx to this page...i did find the wanted adress....thanx again!!!!


G G Eranna said...


This G G Eranna From Banaglore can tell me how to go to Sri Chokkalingam,Village Please help me .......

G G Eranna said...

Hi everybody

Please tell me how to go to Chokkalingam's village...

Ramanjaneya Prasad said...

Dear sir,
Is this the chokkalingam who tells the astrology with relating to science for performing the pooja at the place Gunaseela in kaveri river.

kindly let me know thru the mobile 0944 800 5999.

seene said...

Thank u for providing Chockalingam address .

sss said...

Thanking you all for providing the details of Sri.Chockalingam sir. I want to know ,it's possible to know the date of birth of a person which he didn't known. Can sir will tell his exact dob ?

Please reply on this blog who known or visited Sri.Chockalingam sir.


Vasanth said...

Dear All,

Can anyone provide me with the correct address for Mr. Chokalingam as we are not able to trace the address in Bangalore, we tried several times at Malleswaram but could not find the exact location. Please help me in finding the person inturn a solution for our problems

Thanks a ton !!!!!!!!!!

abhishek said...

is it gives fruitful result for all who take advice from chocklingam

abhishek said...

can any one share the there expiriance after taking advice from chocklingam sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Praveen said...


Chockalingam has changed his system of visit w.e.f 18.09.2010

You will have to call him on Friday and book appointments for Saturday and Sunday visit. Call for appointments between 8am - 9am.

1st comers are seen both on Saturday and Sunday.
2nd Comers are seen only on Saturdays.

Do not take patients and see him. He will lose his temper :D

If appointment is given you will have to be there by 9am and wait for further instructions from them.

Do not create a chaos at his place.

The phone number is - 04344 - 265797.

Do not spread this as u wont get a chance to see him :p

Praveen x

Praveen said...
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Praveen said...


Regarding the experience..

my parents have been visiting him for the last 12-13 years now.
Every advice given by him has been true and more than 90% :)

There are certain reasons as to why things may not happen. For instance, a person was asked to visit the temple in so and so date and time but, he/she does not follow the instructions accurately. the type of 'pooja' performed may not have been proper, or they might have visited a few extra temples with all the excitement and so on...

I myself have encountered such within my family, but you certainly can rectify it. However, if you go and see him again saying that things din't work out as said, Chockalingam sir will get pissed off. He does not entertain such failures and will easily find out what went wrong.

Anyway, I can say that this person is much better to any XYZ astrologer with a palm picture 'A' board .. lol ...

I do not believe in any holy stuff. But this person is an exception..

Praveen x

p.s phone line will be very busy on friday and you can call them ONLY on Friday ..

Nisha said...

Hi All,

I had been to Mr. Chockalingam believe me the man is simple genius...his predictions have come true.. you can reach him on 080 23469696 on monday,tuesdays & wednesdays between 10-11 am and take the appointment. He charges rs. 750/- . he will give u temples in the sequence please visit all on the day and in the sequence and u yourself will see the changes in ur life... ask him if u have to visit the temples wd ur family or if they are unable to come along tell him that u will be going alone and if he says u can go alone and perform the poojas, please do it... i have lost my most valuable person wish i cud know bfore loosing him... Believe in GOD...

Nisha VP

tulasi tamilarasu said...

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nickya boye said...

This is the right place to find Jyotish, Astrologer and Purohit in your area to carry out rituals for your function.

tulasil100 said...

Hello ..I went to astrologer Chockalingam and we followed every step he said, everything we did well but his feature prediction only went wrong lol.. he said my sister will get pregnant in April 2015 but dint and her husbands promotion in June 2015 nothing happened and in April my job haha nothing ... waste of money we spent more than 70k and time waste health got up set travelling all the place and sitting in river 2 continues ..I was happy before doing this but after this i even lost interest in yoga meditation and at home everyday fight while doing this process of travelling,everybodys health got bad.. only distractions my life I'll never visit astrologer...hello guys just do yoga meditation everyday and more over when we went to meet Chockalingam he scolded my dad so badly because we got late when sister's husband was cought up in meeting so he came late but my dad was already their in time,when dad requested them to see ous , that astrologerand n his wife acted so rudly with my family and I'll never see this astrologer in my this life nor in my next life. my father believed and respected him but we got so hurt even after doing and listening to everything ... give respect and take respect and the head which doesn't bow has no respect no matter who he is .. but one thing god is supreme just believe god and do yoga meditation and part of god is with in our self.short cuts will be for short term and won't help in long term because what is ment to happen will always happen nobody can stop.. so stay clam and do good good then you'll get good in feature.. jai gurudev

Maa kamakhya said...

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bhuvana said...

I recently met chokalingam.he has given me five temples.
Two is over
They charge 1000 per consultation.after completing all twmples and doing pariharams he wll start any prediction.i feel it is related to clearing of different doshas which cleared life path and good divine plan unfolds .i am meanwhike waiting for other theee temples on prescribed days!!!!

bhuvana said...

Can u give your followup comment pls

sri tulasi said...

Astrology is a science and you nailed it properly. Keep up the good work. Wish you to see more on this in future.

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