Friday, February 18, 2005

The Most Unforgettable Moment In My Life

I would like to narrate an incident that took place when I was doing my college, which is to me the most unforgettable moment in my life.

Well, joining a professional course was one of many wishes that came true. Though I was passionate about joining an Engineering college, I was not very keen in performing. I was one of those happy-go-merry guys who were occupying the last row in my classroom. Lazy, daring, playful, etc were usually the comments that were passed on me. As the time went by, rather to say flew by, I had already completed 2 yrs of precious college life.

Change is the rule of nature & for me it was no different. One of the most important changes that happened to me was my attitude towards accepting a challenge. This happened because of one important incident that occurred.

We had a subject named Electrical and Electronics Measurements in my 3rd year. The lady who taught us was in her mid-thirties & “dumb” according to me. This is because I never understood what she said & never bothered to know. On a typical classroom lecture this lady was busy explaining things that was out of curriculum to my mind. I was busy chatting with my friends, which was disturbing not only the class but also the lady’s mood. She got wild at me and asked to repeat whatever she had explained. I was clueless & never cared to answer. This was the worst thing that I could do to her & best to myself. The first real challenge was about to come. The lady said, “I bet you cannot even stand in front of the crowd and deliver!” The whole class looked at me as if they felt the same. I had time until the next class. That day I reached home & pondered what had happened in class. The lady had given me a topic and asked to give a lecture the next day! First time, I realized I need to prove myself.

The next day I reached college & was feeling sleepy but strong. Sleepy? I am sure you would wonder why? Well, obviously I had to prepare and couldn’t sleep. The moment arrived! I had to deliver the topic to the whole class. I said to myself “Oh my god give me strength and the confidence to do this”. I don’t know if god overheard me! I had no clue what happened for the next 40 minutes. All I remember was the applause I received from the whole class & a pen from the lady!
“The greatest gift of my Life”. The most unforgettable moment of all.

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