Friday, February 01, 2013

Actors, Thoughts and Men

Thoughts maketh a man.  Actions maketh a society
Actors are we. We enact our thoughts

Some Actors are “Revolutionary” & some “Innovative” and pull many souls. Yes, these Actors stir many souls! With their “New” found actor to break free, many souls Break free from links to inherent nature
Those links that maketh the society which is closer to Nature
Embrace change is the dream word of these souls. For souls that are lost in awe with the Actor
But they Ape the actor but forget the bond. Bonds that are ancient and time tested
Those Bonds that takes us closer to nature.
Pains to see Apes far from nature lost in Action and wanting more
Never you Ape, to give up your soul.
 If you lose nature within & outside for there won’t be apes left if actors do become ripe.
Ripe with prudence to respect Mother Nature. 

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