Saturday, February 13, 2010

Interesting facts in Six Pixels

Just thought of sharing some interesting facts that I read in Six pixels of seperation the book by Mitch Joel. There were some interesting stories about how thinking Out of box helps businesses grow manifold in this age of competition.

Story 1: "Little Mismatched Socks" a business model which became a great success purely because of capturing the hearts of the young American girls who show off their creativity and express themselves by just buying a little mismatched set of socks and contribute a portion of the cost towards women empowerment in the U.S

Story 2: "E-bay" & "Amazon" on how they revolutionized selling online by banking on the "Wisdom of Crowds" & "Trust Economy". Bringing in a new era C2C Marketing

Story 3: "Radiohead" rock band on how they sold online by asking the buyers  to fix a price for their album for controlling music piracy and cutting out the middlemen. And how they proved the concept of "Homo Economicus" as false. Surely, a stepping stone to build trust and re-look at the marketing concepts

Story 4: "Free hugs" campaign and how it attained international acclaim by just using "You Tube" as its promotional platform clearly showing the chain reaction that the Online channel can create

and many more... This is the greatness of the book and it grounds you to reality by showing some living examples.

More in my next blog... Jayu

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