Sunday, February 04, 2007

Brand Concepts - Part 1

Let us look at the definition for a Brand. What exactly it stands for?

"A Brand is a complex symbol. It is the intangible sum of a product’s attributes, its name, packaging and price, its history,reputation,and the way it’s advertised. A brand is also defined by consumer’s impression of people who use it, as well as their own experience "
- David Ogilvy

Now let us look at how Brand Experience is differentiated. The External Brand Experience include;

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Environments
  • Products & Service
While the Internal Brand Experience comprises of;
  • Business Process
  • Customer Relations
  • Brand Values
  • Training
  • Quality
  • Staff Motivation
  • Recruitment Policies
  • Technology etc..
Now what exactly we mean by Brand Positioning. It is how we Position ourselves in the minds of the consumers. In other words it is how you differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors and then determine which market niche to fill. Look at McDonalds Positioning statement;

"We are not a burger company serving people but are a people company selling burgers"

This statement clearly reflects both the Internal & External brand value of McDonalds. Now let us look at the Brand Identity Prism based on Kapferer model and the 6 key dimensions in it;

–Product features, symbols & attributes
–Character & attitude
–Beliefs & association
–Set of Values
–Customer’s view of the brand
–Internal mirror of customer as user of brand

For Sify India let us look at how they have built the brand basis the Kapferer Model;
  • Physical - Kite Symbol, Online Access
  • Personality - Innovative & Tech savvy
  • Culture - Customer centric & Indian
  • Self -image - "net" way of life empowered
  • Reflection - Consistent & dependable performer
  • Relationship - Best guide to the net
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Hira said...

How did you get this position statement of McDonalds?

Hira said...

is this authentic one?